lightroom presets: ultimate landscape

“Ultimate Landscape” Lightroom Presets by David Mielcarek





1. Cinematique
Just a little bit of spice and a dose of gritty coolness to make your image stand out. Open to your own corrections, mild on saturation and vibrance.

Cinematique Screen Shot


2. Cinema XP

Cooler tones in the shadows and warmer in the highlights will make your landscape scene look more cinematic. If you’re all about the looks so very often seen in big Hollywood productions this preset will put a smile on your face!

Cinema XP Screen Shot


3. Infra Dreamscape

This is not an infrared simulation but it’s an interesting black & white conversion. It won’t work for every landscape shot in your library but for those that have some rocks and trees… you should just try and see for ¬†yourself!

Infra Dreamscape Screen Shot


4. Midnight Blue

This one was created for those who like cooler tones. Don’t talk about tastes, we’re all different. Oh, if you happen to have captured some fog or anything misty/rainy/dreamy this will do the trick!

Midnight lue Screen Shot

5. Not Enough Green

Was it too early in the year and you wish the trees and grasses were just a tad more green? Was it too late in the day and you thought you could still get a good looking image with that daylight white balance? This preset will make it all better. Look at all the nature coming back from the shades of grey and looking alive again!

Not Enough Green Screen Shot

6. World of Tomorrow

Sometimes you just feel like that drone shot you just came back home with looks so surreal and you wish you could give it a special look, a dreamy and mysterious one that is not quite defined. A whole palette of warm tones will help changing it into something extra nice.

World of Tomorrow Screen Shot